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Apple does not "play" to the lowest common denominator. Not that that is an objective of theirs, per se, but it does have a halo effect on all of the brands touch points. Not limited to just ads, but also their product: the way it presents itself, etc. and the employees who help fulfill on the corporate culture and make it all happen.

So often today, and at an alarmingly increasing rate, brands become "dumbed down" many times because of thee layers of management within that brands organization and the limited time managers in said organization allow themselves to take a concept, position and tactic into account.

If the Senior VP "can't get it" right away, even though he/she has been completely removed from the process to begin with, then the said concept/action is deemed a failure and won't resonate with the target.

It's sad, really. And it's a result of our "on demand", cooks in seconds, quicker than an instant instant messaging society/culture we've built for ourselves. The Senior VPs can't help themselves.

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Answer: Woz.


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