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that's brilliant paul, thanks for sharing.
always wondered about those neglected spaces we speed by every day.
when it comes to briefs, give me a blue sky or give me a dirty wall... i've always liked the walls.

Thanks for sharing this. Great stuff.

Great stuff Paul. Really fascinating guy- that video could be expanded into a full-on movie.

Someone gave me Paul Arden's book years ago. It's one of the most inspiring books this cynic's ever read.

What a great discovery - thanks for sharing it, Paul. I'll run over to Broadway Tunnel now...

Moose's attempt to find beauty in unexpected places reminds of a great documentary called "Bomb It!" (http://www.bombit-themovie.com/) - I suggest you check it...it's a challenging look into the graffiti movement and the ownership of public spaces. I think you will it enlightening.

Thanks for the interesting post and keep it coming!

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