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Slow cap commences...

Either way - just doing what's asked, just making another ad - or contributing towards that end, just seems so damn boring. Like any hack can go out and do that. Do I really want to wake up in the morning and run off to do hack work?

No thanks...

Great post Paul. Really love it.
The challenge always seems to be that so many people prefer to choose the well-travelled, well-signposted road. I guess it is because they're happy to do the standard thing because "the job" to them, is just that, a "job", a means to pay the rent, to buy a new car once in a while... Perhaps we need some posts on how to help people out of their comfort zones and what the personal benefits are.

I'm reminded of the First Things First manifesto:

I guess I can relate to some of the things that you've wrote, but I cant't help to think that trying to put smiles on the lives of people through products – no matter how well designed and sincere in their own objectives they may be – just won't happen. perhaps what i'm trying to say is that the difference between cramming features in a product or making an app that can help people is kind of the same thing, viewed from a different (and undoubtedly better) perspective, and that the real crisis people have been going through is more of noticing that all those things that they own and use are just, well, things that take up space but cannot fill any emptiness or fulfill any promise. I may as well be a nihilist, but it seems to me that no application, tool or product is going to help on that.

wonderful post. very inspiring. thank you for sharing this.

Amen. If you're not contributing to people's happiness, you're simply adding to the problem.

Man, this is great. Amazing and inspiring and humbling post, and thanks for linking to the Cadbury video, which I somehow had never seen and got me very teary, actually.


Hey Paul. I read this post awhile ago and am just getting around to responding. First of all, Metric's new album is *amazing.*

Second, I'm with you 100% -- reminds me of the idea of "branded utilities." I'm also with @magi a bit also...no matter how many Nike +'s we have in the world, people won't find fulfillment in products. But, as you said, we can still work to make life better.

Thanks for the post.

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