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Excellent, really excellent... I'm heading off to share this with folk right now, thank you :)

Always lifting!

This is genius and I flagged it up funnily enough this morning via Slideshare before I even read this post! If Carlsberg did presentations..

I'll be posting it up on my blog too if that's cool, obviously with credit.


I think you mean "tenets". Not being snarky at all, just saying.

Ah. Yes. You are correct. Thank you for the notice. Now have the right word in place.

Great presentation! Keep up the good work. It reminded me of my post about how brands need to be a lot more human. Simply put, we want brands to admit their own flaws...


Thought provoking as always Paul, thanks for sharing

Terrific presentation - just shared with my agency -- and imagine will share with clients (with obvious credit) in the future. Great stuff.

Great work! Well done.

This is great, thanks. We recently ran a promotion on Twitter to generate interest in a new marketing initiative. We gave away 50 copies of Chris Brogan's new book to the people who tweeted the story.

The promotion worked brilliantly for us and Chris liked it so much that he used our idea and ran the same promotion with LinkedIn the following week.

It was amazing for a company like ours to be part of a bigger story about the impact of social media.


I saw this early morning and here twelve hours later had to dig this back up. It's really great and true in workplaces, in homes, in relationships. Capitalism Rocks. Business love will save the world. Thanks for sharing.

The presentation is great and there's nothing to eliminate, which according to Saint-Exupéry is an indication that you've brought it as close as it can get to perfection. I would probably be keen to add something about:
1. metrics: the future of marketing is measurable
2. semantic technologies and artificial intelligence, which I believe will affect marketing at least as much as the Internet has. Think about the impact of those technologies (once deployed and adopted, which will happen within the next 60 years) on price formation and brand / product reputation. They are going to kill current tactics of manipulation like buzz marketing, influence marketing or even SEO AND create new ways to influence brand reputation whether in a fair or and unfair manner.

Hope you enjoy your preso in Brussels and if you're available I'll be glad to invite you for a good Belgian beer and show you a bit of this city that I've been calling home for the past fifteen years.


Thanks for the useful and very clear slideshow.

I posted a dutch review about it on my new blog http://socialmedia2.blogspot.com

Greetings from Belgium

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