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What's bizarre about this is that J.Crew has packaged their women's wellington boots in a very similar fashion long before. Having mixed feelings about the praise of this. Yes - a great move for Puma, and definitely on a big scale, but it seems like a fairly safe net-out point for 3 years of rethinking the shoe box.

Anyone else having similar thoughts? Can't we just get rid of the shoe box completely? Would love to see some of the (surely classified) strategy decks from the 3 year duration.


Ah... interesting about the Wellington boots, Kyle. Thanks for sharing that bit.

I would guess that the study took as long as it did to go across the entire business and uncover what things they could do that would have a real and significant impact. This then would be the first of many to come from that study. Again... that is my guess and for their sake, I hope to be what's going on.

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