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Robert Haymon-Collins

Many thanks for the reference - I have become quite happy and used to doing my little blog posts in happy obscurity - a bit of a (pleasant) shock to see someone has been taking a peek:)

Its nice to see someone else talking about the music that enriches their life

If you get a chance to see Elbow (I noticed your recent listenings) please make the effort, they are uplifting live. For myself am waiting with anticipation to see the National shortly, Death Cab (mmmm we'll see) , Band of Horses and then in the autumn/fall whatever, Bon Iver.


seeing The national for the first time in a few weeks at Summer Stage in Central Park (nyc). very psyched. playing w/ Plants & Animals and Yeasayers. very very psyched.
i've been a huge fan of the national for the past couple years. especially their lyrics. so imagine how random/cool it was when i found out that the lead singer and bassist actually worked on the new agency i now work at (IconNicholson). i missed them by a year...
even more cool is that the ceo of said agency is picking up the tab for anyone that is going to the show.
will let you know how they are live. expecting big things.

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