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I like it Paul. I completely agree with you about being nimble enough to change the way you've provided certain information if the people it's provided for can't make sense of how to use it. Being nimble though is a bigger problem on the client-side, no? Agencies should be nimble, I think smaller-shops (essence of creative prowess) are perfectly positioned to be change accordingly.

Change is a tricky word. I think there are companies out there ready to change in accordance with consumer needs/wants > Whole Foods or Google come to mind. I think there are tons more who just don't get it when: the consumers don't get it.

You and I are of the same ilk: we believe it's in our best interest to be pro-active about finding the real information out there, blogs, tags, photos, etc. Other people just default to traditional research methods. How many freaking times can I hear the word Iconoculture? I think this evolution is beginning, but it's ONLY the beginning, ya know?

Also, about the categories on your blog and whether or not they work for you. I've had the same thoughts about my own blog. I'm not using these like I wanted to, what can I do about that? What DO I want out of this site? HOW can it be usable for me? Questions I need to answer to know how to move forward. Awareness if the first step.

And I'm done. I didn't think I had this much of a rant in me, but...I guess you cued a thought that's been in hiding. :)

Thanks Paul, a good reminder that as context shifts so should those of us whose job it is to stay close to people and keep up with the changing context. I think there are a few companies out there that are on the front edge of this type of blog/tag/search research but as Erin said it's just developing. And it's probably more fun to do it yourself. I guess part of the equation is a bit of client training to get them onto the same mindset.

Hmm, you just sparked a thought. Maybe we should try a collective dry-run of a kind of digital ethnography. I really have no idea how it would work but perhaps we could pick a brand and see what kind of profiling we could do just online. We could divide and conquer parts of the research and assemble a little preso on slideshare about the experiment. I dunno, just a thought.

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