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Excellent article Paul, thanks for the post.

Personally I got a lot from the two first questions. I have had a hard time understanding what people actually put into the super-generic-term "design" thinking, and this article was very descriptive.

But, I find that the term "design" in this context is a very weak and misleading term to use as it already has a very strong and embedded meaning in a lot of different contexts which has nothing to do with what "design thinkers" are trying to say.

I would rather stick with "transformative thinking" og "agile thinking" even though these words aren't as sexy and sellable, they certainly carry with them a sense of what the whole point of this "school" is. Not confusing it with a whole range of other topics.

The Experentia blog: Putting people first, has put up some links to The Rotman School of Management which has some excellent free articles and papers/magazines on the richness of this subject. I certainly recommend it.


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