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The Future of Advertising is Product Development

kind of amusing for lyons and anomaly to play up their counterculture schtick while working for Urban Outfitters who's owner Richard Hayne is one rank paleo-conservative who has supported characters like George Bush and Rick Santorum.


If Hayne passes the sniff test for clients - Who else would Lyons sell his creative services to?

I saw this too Paul and wondered how Anomay gets clients to pay them for these services.

Both on a macro level, as in how do they get clients to agree to let Anomaly do a full-service check-up of all their marketing and design needs, a check-up that may overlap the domain of other vendors they have-- and also on a micro level, as in how do they charge their clients for things that don't have clear deliverables.

Be curious to know what the dynamics of their arrangements are.

Yes, from hard experience, I learn that it is all well and good to innovate services, but it all comes back to which line item in a client's budget you fall into... and those line items are very efficient definitions of the little boxes we're struggling against. to follow that argument, the future of advertising actually lays within the hands of the marketers themselves.

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