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Hey Paul - a nice reprise, as fresh and as relevant as ever...

Wonderful presentation Paul. It's the way you compact something so big into just a couple of very important statements. Inspiring deck!

As my old photography teacher told me: "half the job is the editing". Brilliant editing :o)



It's great Paul, well done, and thanks again for sharing.

Great presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Paul, these slides are spot on.

You may also be interested in a parallel view of what's next (namely what advertising will look like in 2020) with a great whitepaper from Acision and Ogilvy - see http://tr.im/ad2020

Feel free also to follow me @andrewgrill

Excellent presentation Paul. You get it. I expect that you will blow them away. Good luck.

Nice update on an already great presentation, Paul--both in terms of content and it's format. Spot on.

Nice deck Paul.

For a nice coffee chat, wonder which part of your message is for "the marketer" and which is for "the advertising".

I know... I know... could be the same thing... but, something we could chat about.

Nice presentation, Paul - a great follow-up on the previous work.

Paul, here in Brazil I'm an evangelist of these concepts. I believe the biggest challenge its not introduce the companies to the 'new marketing' arena, but make the voc (voice of consumer) understandable for them. Their ears are not accostumed to that.

Great presentation, as before, Paul. Just thought I'd let you know that it's nominated for Post of the Month (this is rapidly becoming a regular thing for you!) over on Only Dead Fish...



Applaud the attitude; love the insight nuggets; hope your dream comes true. Marketing professionals can do with all the help and prompting they can get to drive products/services so they lead to a better world for all, not just a select ffew.

Really nice presentation Paul.

Getting seasoned marketers to recognize this as an evolution, not the latest series of tactics, has become a real challenge. Perhaps the most successful approach would be to work with them in the same light, as if they were the consumer.

Thanks for sharing.

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